About Open Letters

Dear Reader,

I am a Scotland-based migraine-experiencer and habitual letter writer.

For ten years my migraines have been well managed using daily preventative medications and I usually only got frequent episodic attacks. More and more over the last few years the frequency’s been creeping up and feeling less manageable and more isolating. I’ve spent some of the spent the last year signed off-on-off-on (you get the idea) work due to chronic migraine.

Which felt shite for so so many reasons. But there have been moments of good too; I’ve been plugged into the experiences of a community of migraineurs I didn’t know was even a community (thank you internet), I’ve been bonded to my friends in ways I feel humbled by and sometimes unworthy of, and I have a sneaking suspicion my body has been doing it’s best to struggle along beside me, even though sometimes it feels like it’s been the one leading the assault.

I have found books and blogs of others very helpful in various ways during the build-up, crisis period and process of recovery (or as I like to call it, ‘getting my shit together’ cos it sounds more badass). I now find myself in the position of needing to get some thoughts out of my  overcrowded and malfunctioning brain or risk further problems down the line or even just exploding in a brainy goop.

Therefore this is a personal journaling project l but I hope it may also be of interest or help to others who are experiencing migraine-based loneliness, distress or who just want to waste time on the internet. The categories down the bottom right hand side collect letters into themes, but mostly the letters stand on their own account.

I originally wanted to make it into a clickable mindmap with little funky lines but I have to yield to the constraints of the wordpress. Use your imagination to visualise how awesome that would have been..!

Yours in neurological solidarity.